05 Mar

Global Medical Manufacturer Uses LoSG Insights to Enter New Market

One of our clients is a global manufacturer of equipment that is used in a variety of medical devices. They are a new division within a much larger company, which last year identified entry into the medical market as a key strategic priority. Our service helps senior Marketing and Sales leadership in their business development efforts, leveraging the market observations we capture to open doors and develop sales relationships.

Extract of the weekly update:

04 Mar

Leveraging the Power of Social Media and AI for Deeper Market and Competitive Insights: A Healthcare Case Study

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, organizations have learned that competitive intelligence (CI) is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

While traditional CI methods are valuable, AI-driven social listening offers a novel approach to developing deep insights into market trends, customer sentiment, and competitor activity.

In this webinar, Comintelli and Line of Sight explore a real-world case study of a global healthcare company that has successfully implemented an AI-powered social listening program to revolutionize its Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) efforts.

While this case study focuses on the healthcare industry, the underlying principles and methodologies can apply across various sectors.