We don’t lead with “SERVICES” here.

Sure, we have services and sources and processes that we’ve developed over time and they work well. But we let your particular needs guide us in putting those tools together in the right way, at the right pace, and at the right time.

How we engage:

Our clients typically engage with us in one or more of four service areas:

  • Research/Analysis. Project-based engagement based on your specific and immediate business challenges
  • Intelligence/Monitoring. Ongoing monitoring and periodic analysis of your external environment for early warning on opportunities and threats
  • Outsourced Competitive Intelligence Programs. Full Competitive/Strategic Intelligence program. Including analysis, monitoring, IT platform and management *
  • Strategic Planning. Data-driven strategic plan facilitation and development focused on execution


How we get started:

Clients come to Line of Sight Group for all kinds of reasons, but it typically starts with a business challenge or strategic priority. As an example, they might have questions such as:

  • Why are we not meeting our revenue goals?
  • How do we ‘stack up’ against our key competitors?
  • What growth opportunities are out there for us?
  • How do we compete against a low-priced competitor?
  • What is the competitor’s positioning strategy?
  • Can we win in a new market or product line?

How we team:

Line of Sight Group is unique in providing collaborative, direct-line access to the resources you need. Our consultants are available from kick off through delivery, and points in between. In a typical engagement we:

  • Collaborate with you to translate your questions and information needs into defined business challenges
  • Further refine the information needs and challenges to define specific business and research objectives and size the work to the size of the challenge
  • Apply our Integrated Strategic Analysis techniques to acquire the targeted business information, objectively analyze and ‘connect the dots’, and develop actionable insight leading to options and considerations for action
  • Provide ongoing status dialogue
  • Refocus and readjust based on real-time learning
  • Develop reports for you and your executive leadership team
  • Offer one-on-one consultations with your LoS analyst/researcher

“I know that the Line of Sight team will hear my overview and objective…and understand my needs. The turnaround time and professionalism of the projects and of the [LoS] team is very valuable.”

– Product Manager, Educational Services Industry

SCIP* Line of Sight’s Market-i Competitive Intelligence Program is a SCIP “Endorsed” product. Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is the nonprofit Association representing the Integrated Intelligence industry internationally for over 32 years. www.scip.org