FOCUS.  GROW. PROTECT.  |  Line of Sight Group provides the information & insights needed to take strategic action.

Line of Sight Group informs and supports organizational strategic decisions through expert industry analysis and competitive intelligence that helps business leaders uncover market opportunities that align with their strategic goals and internal capabilities.

In today’s marketplace it’s not enough to simply reflect on performance. To thrive, organizations need to flawlessly execute smart strategic plans based on hard data within the context of increasingly dynamic and competitively intense external environments. Whether strategic imperatives exist at the corporate, functional or even specific execution levels, business leaders need to confidently make the strategic moves that provide unique and better value to their customers than the competition. In order to connect deeply with customers, expand the customer base and create innovative new products, they need to deeply understand the market landscape, peek around corners, anticipate shifts, and focus on what’s most important.

We are people, not a set of services and processes. Each time the Line of Sight Group team engages with you, we customize the solution to best meet the business challenge you set in front of us.

We provide the strategic analysis bench strength to your marketing, product, sales, and executive teams – without layers or complexity.