05 Mar

Global Medical Manufacturer Uses LoSG Insights to Enter New Market

One of our clients is a global manufacturer of equipment that is used in a variety of medical devices. They are a new division within a much larger company, which last year identified entry into the medical market as a key strategic priority. Our service helps senior Marketing and Sales leadership in their business development efforts, leveraging the market observations we capture to open doors and develop sales relationships.

Extract of the weekly update:

04 Mar

Leveraging the Power of Social Media and AI for Deeper Market and Competitive Insights: A Healthcare Case Study

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, organizations have learned that competitive intelligence (CI) is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

While traditional CI methods are valuable, AI-driven social listening offers a novel approach to developing deep insights into market trends, customer sentiment, and competitor activity.

In this webinar, Comintelli and Line of Sight explore a real-world case study of a global healthcare company that has successfully implemented an AI-powered social listening program to revolutionize its Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) efforts.

While this case study focuses on the healthcare industry, the underlying principles and methodologies can apply across various sectors.

13 Feb

A pleased CEO thanks us for some helpful insight

One of our clients is a clinical stage medical technology company that is racing against several competitors to develop technology designed to restore functionality in patients with severe paralysis. This week, the CEO sent an email to one of our senior analysts thanking her for some helpful insight that was included in this week’s competitive update. (Apologies for the lack of detail here….this is a very competitive space and we are dedicated to supporting the confidentiality and success of our clients.)  

16 Feb

Understanding Your Startup’s Competition

Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar with The University of Minnesota Venture Center. Line of Sight’s Steve Schulz and Teresa Muckala discuss how understanding the competition is a critical competency for any business and share some key tips on how to succeed at it.

View the Webinar to learn:

  • How competitive intelligence experts define competitors
  • Where to find information on your competitors
  • How to analyze and take action based on the intelligence
  • How to use this information in a business plan



07 Jun

SCIP Intellicon 2022

Looking back at SCIP Intellicon 2022, it was an amazing event in so many ways. We enjoyed having the Intelligence community and our team back together in person to celebrate and talk shop. The Line of Sight team gathered early in Minneapolis, kicking the week off cheering the Minnesota Twins to victory. We even successfully turned our partners from Sweden, Comintelli, into Twin’s fans for life.

Line of Sight was honored to be a SCIP Intellicon Bronze Sponsor, exhibiting and meeting so many wonderful people throughout the three-day event. We are truly grateful and proud of our team and the connections that were made!

It’s always interesting to attend events, watch trends and compare the Intelligence function of today to when we started Line of Sight 20 years ago.

When I first started this business, there was a lot of focus on “gathering info and data.” Who is the competition? What, how and where are they selling and competing, etc? That’s what companies wanted – repositories of information on their industry and competition. Although deep data collection is a necessity, data alone isn’t truly useful.

Over the years, there has become a significant maturation and organizational value placed on taking data collection further, one step at a time – triangulating and analyzing the data into digestible, actionable insights. This is what gives leadership the vision and “line-of-sight” into the critical issues impacting their business and the confidence to make the right bets and moves – ahead of the competition.

With this evolution, we are seeing people from all functions of an organization get involved and play a key role in helping form or digest these insights to contribute to the overall strategy. And with this, there is certainly a greater acceptance that data gathering (and the people who do it) is a valuable investment. The Intelligence function is now often seen as a critical business function within organizations.

During Intellicon 2022, we had the opportunity to connect with many attendees about how Line of Sight can help an organization’s intelligence needs. From our Strategic Intelligence Program to Competitive and Industry Analysis, Line of Sight customizes programs to support resource-strapped strategy executives and intelligence teams that have different needs and budgets. Please reach out to us to learn more!

Our team looks forward to continuing to evolve and partner with the intelligence community. We had a great time connecting with everyone at SCIP Intellicon! Until next year…

25 Apr

Celebrating with the Twins for the Win!

Our team gathered this week to celebrate our 20 years in business. We kicked it off watching the Twins win in a 10th inning walk-off. Go Buxton! Thank you to our partners at Comintelli for joining us!

Next up: SCIP Intellicon conference. Visit us at booth 308! https://www.scip.org/page/SCIP-IntelliCon2022-Competitive-Intelligence-Conference

02 Dec

Grateful for You!

As we celebrate 20 years in business this holiday season, our thoughts turn to those who helped shape our business over the years.

We have accomplished amazing things together and we are incredibly thankful for your partnership – either now or in the past. Attached is a card to say thank you!

In the spirit of giving, Line of Sight Group is making a donation in your company’s name to Urban Roots, a Saint Paul organization whose mission is to cultivate and empower youth through nature, healthy food and community.

Sincerely, Steve, Sara, Jen, Jennifer, Erin, Kristi, Teresa, Wayne and all of our associates including Kim, Keisha, Jane, Sonal, Vivian, Allie, Jordan, Emma, and others.

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Celebrating 20 years of business in 2022!