Integrated Strategic Analysis is the term we use to describe the alignment of your external environment + your strategic goals + your internal capabilities.

Projects and programs begin and end with your business and learning objectives, linked to your strategic goals.

  • Hard-to-get information. We are experts at integrating secondary, primary and other research methodologies to acquire the information you need
  • Objective Analysis & Insight. We are experts at integrating multiple market and industry perspectives and connecting the dots from our objective vantage point
  • Actionable Options and Considerations. Our knowledge and experience in business strategy helps guide development of options and considerations for how to apply the insight to your specific decisions and strategic action

So, what is Integrated Strategic Analysis, anyway?

Here’s how we think about it: An effective strategic plan combines an anticipatory view of where your company hopes to operate, your big picture goals, a clear understanding of how you go to market, and what you need to do to get there. But it also must include a realistic, unfettered look at the external factors that positively or negatively impact your business and the internal capabilities you have or can acquire.

Our Integrated Strategic Analysis approach:

  • Is collaborative, working together with you to share internal and external insight
  • Combines primary + secondary research
  • Utilizes ‘big’ data from many different sources
  • Provides real-time content
  • Leverages proven, powerful analytical frameworks
  • Delivers triangulated insights
  • Is conducted by experienced analysts
  • Is delivered on a custom intelligence platform

“Our business benefits by having competitive knowledge that would be difficult for us to obtain ourselves. Having a good working relationship with LOS makes the project enjoyable.”

– Product Manager